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Make the most of your space with our storage tips.

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Storage Tips

The packing and storing of your belongings properly is important to ensure easy access and to prevent damage of your belongings. A little planning and time now will save you in the future.

  • Storage Tip 1: Boxes

    1. When packing in boxes make sure you choose sturdy boxes. Heavy items should be placed in smaller boxes to prevent breakage of boxes and allow for easy lifting. Make sure boxes are filled, as empty spaces allow for items to move possibly causing damage, and boxes are more easily crushed when stacked. Overfilled bulging boxes do not stack well and are more prone to break.
    2. Use boxes and not plastic bags, as sealed plastic will trap moisture and can cause damaging mildew. Rubbermaid bins are also excellent moisture proof sturdy containers.
    3. Mark your boxes with marker on more than one side for easy identification.
  • Storage Tip 2: Fragile Items

    1. Mark all boxes with fragile items as Fragile, and make sure heavier boxes are not put on top of Fragile ones.
    2. Dresser drawers, can be ideal places to store fragile items, but make sure you bubble wrap them, or place fragile boxes inside wardrobes or on bookshelf units.
    3. Mirrors and pictures should be stored vertically, never flat. Protect your mirrors with bubble wrap, or placing criss cross masking tape across the face of the mirror.
    4. If storing loose photo’s, place them between cardboard and tape the cardboard shut to prevent curling of photo’s.
  • Storage Tip 3: Appliances

    1. Make sure all appliances are empty and clean. Freezers and fridges should be defrosted to avoid water damage and mildew. Washing machines should also be drained.
    2. If you wipe the inside of your appliances with baking soda prior to storage it will help keep them dry and fresh smelling. Appliance doors should be propped open for storage and a box of baking soda placed inside can keep them fresh smelling. The interior space of fridges, freezers, washers and dryers can also be used to store small items.
  • Storage Tip 4: Furniture

    1. Disassemble furniture as much as is possible, and place all nuts, bolts and hardware into a sealed plastic bag and tape it to the furniture.
    2. Separate lamp shades from lamp and wrap them for protection.
    3. Stand your large items such as sofas on their ends to reduce space.
    4. Protect your sofas and mattresses with furniture covers or tarps, never seal them in plastic. To keep them smelling fresh, throw a fabric softener sheet under the cover.
    5. For TV, computers, and stereos, pack in original boxes if you have them, and if not place in a strong box using bubble wrap to protect your electronics.
    6. Treat your wood furniture with furniture polish prior to storing.
    7. Clean vacuum clean canisters and remove dirty bags to prevent mold and bacteria.
  • Storage Tip 5: Clothing, Carpet & Linens

    1. Never store in plastic bags unless they are vacuum sealed.
    2. All cloth items should be clean and contain no starch to prevent attracting pests.
    3. Store clothing in wardrobe boxes.
    4. Carpeting should be rolled with the right side out to protect the pile.
  • Storage Tip 6: Miscellaneous

    1. Wipe metal object with oil to prevent rust from forming.
    2. Pack books flat in boxes so spines will not be damaged.
  • Storage Tip 7: Your Locker

    1. Go through your belongings and plan to store only those items you know you will reuse.
    2. When packing your locker, make sure you leave aisleways so you can gain easy access to your belongings.
    3. Use plastic, pallets, or drop cloths to keep your boxes and furniture off concrete floors.
    4. The items you want to access the most during storage, keep to the front of your locker.
    5. Protect your contents with insurance. The facility’s insurance does not cover contents, and you are solely responsible for content insurance.
    6. Some homeowners and tenants insurance offer limited coverage, you should check with your carrier.
    7. Keep an inventory of items that you have packed, take photo’s of any valuable items, and estimate the replacement value of items stored. In the case of unforeseen damage or loss these will assist in getting your insurance claim.
  • Storage Tip 8: Prohibited Items

    1. Never store flammable items such as gas,propane tanks paint or aerosols. If you are storing items like lawn mowers, weed eaters, or other equipment that use fuel, ensure the fuel tanks are empty.
    2. Don’t store anything living including plants and animals.
    3. Never store firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition.
    4. Never store perishable or food items.
    5. Never store refuse or waste or anything creating a smell or odour.

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